The Most Versatile EnvironmentalMulti-functional Vessel ever designed

The vessel described below is a Multi-functional Garbage and Oil Spill Collection Cleaning Boat. It has a catamaran-type hull construction and will be constructed from marine-grade aluminium plate and extrusion. It will be powered by twin diesel engines which will drive twin fixed pitch propellers, hydraulically. All material and machinery specified will be approved by a Class Society. The vessel will have no onboard accommodation but will have all the necessary work areas for it crew to fulfil its design function as an oil spill control or garbage handling vessel.

The vessel has been designed to have the following capability:

▪ to collect floating trash, garbage and other small floating objects within the confines of a port ports
▪ to support INITIAL RESPONSE TEAM during oil spill recovery TIER LEVEL 1

The proposed vessel shall have a minimum equipment specification as listed in the technical description below.
The vessel is also supplied with two (2) years of strategic spares and any special tools required for its ongoing maintenance and upkeep. The cost includes the training of 5 crew members in the operation and maintenance of the vessel.

General Design Parameters

1. The vessel shall be designed and certified in accordance with IACS requirements.
2. Vessel shall be designed for easy operation, high efficiency, stable performance and
suitable for operation within ports and harbours.
3.  Propulsion system, electrical equipment and HVAC system shall be designed to besuitable for operating conditions in the Mediterranean with sea water temperatures not exceeding 35 Degrees Celsius and a maximum ambient air temperature of 45 Degrees Celsius.
4.  All equipment is to be of a recognised maritime brand and or of a type that is compliant
and approved by IMO/class.


1. Hull Construction Marine grade aluminium 5083 H 321
2. Hull Type catamaran
3. Basic function Floating garbage removal and recover oil spilled vessel for tier 1.
4. Propulsion self-propelled, twin engine
5. Driving method Classification IACS Class
6. Flag Owner to determine
7. Speed (free sailing) 10 knots
8. Speed (collecting duty) 3 to 5 knot




LAMOR Oil Recovery Systems

The Lamor brush chain-type free-floating oil skimmer is specified on this vessel. It is designed to recover oil in fast-flowing rivers, oil ponds and harbours The skimmer can be used in all  terrains and environments. The one 3-row oleophilic V-brush chain bank separates the oil from  the water effectively and lifts it to the specially designed brush cleaner from where the oil is  directed to the oil transfer pump. The skimmer has a special flow design to improve oil recovery  in stationary conditions. The double rotation direction capability enhances the recovery of light  to heavy viscous oils. The skimmer has robust detachable aluminium floats, aluminium frame  and single lifting point making it easy to lift, operate, clean and store.

The Lamor skimmer will be capable of cleaning TIER 1 oil spills (crude oil/ marine heavy oil) at  a minimum rate of 6T within 5 hours (although the Lamor units have proved significantly better  performance than this in reality).

Two hydraulically operated spools are provided to store and deploy oil booms as required.

All recovered oil is pumped to storage tanks from where it can be transferred to a barge or  onshore facility. Storage capacity for up to 20 tonnes is allowed for.

DESMIOil Spill Response, Seaweed and Clean Waterways System

DESMI design and manufacture an extensive range of systems to recover oil and chemicals from the marine and inland environment,industrial applications, seaweed and clean waterways. The products include skimmers, booms, storage tanks, power packs, pumps, dispersant systems, vessels and ancillary items.

Harvesting Waste

Disposing of Waste