Mega Ribs Shipyard



The project concerns the design and construction of Mega Ribs, ie inflatable yachts with a polyester hull with a length of 14-20 meters that can be used for tourism, defence, lifeguard purpose, initially for chartering, until their sale, which is expected to happen within the first year.


The project will be undertaken by the newly established company Pro Marine Yachts S.A., the subcontracting by Pro Marine Shipyards and the management of the project by Pro Marine Management in collaboration with the internationally known and recognized BURGESS. The above companies, all newly established, with the main shareholder and founder the renowned and with long experience in the industry Mr. Michalis Spanopoulos, who remains to be one of the two owners of the Spanopoulos Group.

The Sarakakis Business Group will cooperate in the project, for the supply of the machines, as well as another team of who will undertake the part of interior design. The designed boats will receive all the necessary certifications & will meet the international standards.

Inflatable Boat Superiority

Because the reasons that make the inflatable boat superior do not end anywhere, there will be a little reference on it :

  • We aim to make everyone understand that the inflatable has not prevailed for fashion reasons, but for its obvious and substantial advantages, which are known to have been appreciated by agencies and public organizations (Coast Guard, Army, Fire Department, etc.)

  • The first and essential reason why it is superior to other boats is the buoyancy created by the air chambers, which in order to achieve another similar boat it is necessary for the reefs and the spaces under the floor to be completely sealed. This of course results in the light part of the whole being at the lowest point of the boat, while on the contrary all the weights are placed above the deck and therefore the balance becomes precarious. But regardless of the weights, there is another main reason that negatively affects the balance and it is none other than the air that is trapped in the watertight sections which wants to move upwards. In contrast to an inflatable, the air is at its highest points, ie in the air chambers, as a result of which they keep it stable on the sea surface in a position of perfect balance. Stability combined with buoyancy are factors that allow a high-speed inflatable boat to have the required safety in extreme situations, almost eliminating the possibility of capsizing.

  •  Finally, there are other technical reasons that make inflatable boats advantageous in other areas which we mention below.

  • The hinges of a plastic, in order not to let water pass through, must be made higher than those of an inflatable, with the consequence that it
    becomes more sensitive to strong side winds but also to make it difficult to collect people when it must be used as a lifeline.

  •  All closed polyester constructions, which replace the air chambers, do not have the required elasticity in blows and when inside they are filled with polyurethane, in case of rupture they are very difficult to repair.

  • We think that after all this, there is no point in questioning the reasons why the inflatable boat has an obvious advantage.

  •  Even CE certification for inflatable boats, due to their buoyancy and stability, has other measures and weights, such as the stability test with all the cargo on one side.

The future of Shipping