Who we are

ProMarine Innovations is a Group that offers a full range of marine services based on a rich range of innovations, while also aiming to create a technological-creative park of innovations and applied solutions that will introduce and build green technology, a historical first for Greece’s Shipping industry.


Company Profile

ProMarine’s Mother Group was founded 50 years ago, with the aim of gaining prestige in the shipping industry. Now we aim to implement a completely innovative idea for the first time in Greece…

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Vision & Goals

Our vision is to create a state-of-the-art research centre for applied technology and innovation solutions with zero energy footprint. At the same time in the same area will be housed a mega ribs shipyard…

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Our Facilities

Elefsis Yachting Station was established 15 years ago in Elefsis city – Thesi Κalibaki under the previous ownership by offering shipyard services to motor yachts and sailing yachts up to 50 tons. In October of 2018…

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Mr. MICHALIS SPANOPOULOS,vice president and general manager of the homonymous group, is a completely self-made businessman, open minded, with long experience in shipbuilding and mastery…

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Our Experience

Spanopoulos Group solutions are adapted to the challenges of the 21st century, focused on minimising emissions and securing safe and economical operations. Our extensive, market-specific portfolio spans the entire range of tug applications, including equipment for the latest hybrid and electric vessels.


We have the means to confront any situation


Spanopoulos Salvage and its dedicated Emergency Response team have the expertise, heavy and salvage specific floating spreads and equipment required to undertake a myriad of salvage services worldwide. We execute complex ‘wet salvage’- wreck removal and ‘dry salvage’ operations.


We are a "key" player in the Wreck Removal field

Spanopoulos Salvage has built a reputation in the salvage and wreck removal field, becoming a key player in the East Mediterranean.


A modern Tug fleet fully equipped to meet any challenge

Spanopoulos group is an internationally recognized and highly respected organization with a commitment to the business of towage, salvage, pollution prevention and wreck removal services. We are a proud member of International Salvage Union (ISU), European Tugowners Association (ETA) and BIMCO.

Green Transition


We will contribute with the produced equipment to the studies of all the research centers of the country with autonomous unmanned boats which with appropriate modifications can be used for defensive purposes to defend the territorial integrity of our homeland. The development of green boats and ships in the Mediterranean Sea, led by the shipyards of ProMarine and the whole group, will consequently create a huge turnover and will make our country a pioneer in southern Europe in the implementation of such projects.


ProMarine intends all its facilities to be as energy efficient as possible by consuming green energy and having an energy footprint close to zero.


The technology that will be developed will significantly help in upgrading the image of the provided tug services in all the ports of our country, providing green service, keeping the environment clean in areas that have significant problems of air pollution.

ProMarine Innovation & Creative Park

ProMarine Innovation & creative Park, will be a state-of-the-art research center which, in addition to Incubator facilities and services seeking to leverage companies’ know-how, will offer specialized professional services designed to help and guide start-ups to:

  • Focus on developing know-how in innovative technologies.
  • Evaluate and secure their intellectualproperty rights
  • Gain stronger bargaining power in pursuit of their business goals.
  • Transfer and implement their technology through the production of innovative products and services

Research Center Activities

Hybrid & Electric Marine Technology

Our plan includes the conversion of the Shipyard into a”green yard” of zero carbon footprint, as well as the conversion of the company’s fleet…

Mega Yachts shipyard

The project concerns the construction of luxury yachts. The first yacht to be built by the company will be 45m, and will initially be used for chartering, until her sale…

Unmanned Surface Vehicle for science research

The USV is a high reliable multipurpose naval platform. Based on a sea proven hull shape it is designed for very demanding operations in various…

Hybrid Tugs shipyard

The project concerns the building of tugs and hybrid tugs. The first one
to be built by the company will be 36 m. and will initially be used for

Autonomous-Hybrid Electrical Vessels – Cold Ironing

This concept is the development of an on-board floating LNG power plant system in a new built (or retrofitted) open-type vessel or in a propelled barge.

Shipmanagement services

Our new Joint Venture is to provide efficient, safe and competitive services in the Piraeus, Lavrion, Patras, Volos and Mykonos areas, as well as in the greater Greek Market…

Mega Ribs

The project concerns the design and construction of Mega Ribs, ie inflatable
yachts with a polyester hull with a length of 14-20 meters that can…

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