Mega Yachts Shipyard


The project concerns the construction and construction of luxury yachts. The first yacht to be built by the company will be 45m, and will initially be used for chartering, until her sale, which is expected to happen within the first year.

Taking up project

The project will be undertaken by Pro Marine Yachts SA, the subcontracting by Pro Marine Elefsis Shipyards and the management of the project by Pro Marine Shipmanagement in collaboration with the internationally known and recognized BURGESS. The above companies, all newly established, with the main shareholder and founder the renowned and with long experience in the industry Mr. Michalis Spanopoulos, who remains to be one of the two owners of the Spanopoulos Group.

Strategic Plan


  • Targeted promotion and promotion, especially in the summer months, due to increased seasonal demand, so that the product and services provided become known to the appropriate customers / buyers.

  • Analyzing the yachting industry, it is necessary to remind that its tourist traffic is mainly characterized by seasonality, with the months of June to August accounting for 54% of the total traffic of the year. 40% of charters take place in the months from April to May and September to October, while the remaining 60% is distributed in the remaining months of the year.

  • Target group: customers who want high end holidays and getaways through maritime tourism. Specializing in the elite markets of Dubai, USA, Russia and China, where there is a strong interest in luxury holidays and can be financially supported.

  • High standard and quality yachts, 24 hour technical support, all the necessary safety and comfort standards that can meet the needs of different types of customers

  • Day trips, with organized program, from professional pleasure boats, carrying capacity usually up to 12 people, which are aimed at higher incomes as they include participation of a few people, private tour of beaches and water attractions, diving activities and high quality gastronomic meal which can be prepared by a chef on board

Inetrior design

The Sarakakis Business Group will cooperate in the project, for the supply of the machines, as well as the team of Luxury Projects that will undertake the part of interior design. The designed boats will receive all the necessary certifications & will meet the international standards.