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Who We Are

ProMarine’s mother group originated 50 years ago, with the aim of gaining prestige in the shipping industry. It is a family business, with over 50 years of experience, stemming from a series of activities in the maritime and offshore sector.

Mike Spanopoulos Co founder / vice president – CEO of Spanopoulos Group of Companies( the mother group) (Marine Engineering & construction, Harbor construction, Marine Salvage, Ocean Towage, Harbor Towage, Sea Transportation, Wreck removal, Commercial shipyards , Yachting, Environmental Protection, Hydrogeographic services.

Promarine Shipping Holdings , established, with the main shareholder and founder with long experience in the industry Mr. Michalis Spanopoulos, who remains to be one of the two equal owners of Spanopoulos Group.

The group cooperates with the biggest companies in the world that use tugs to serve their fleet.

At ProMarine Innovations we create a technological-creative park of innovations and applied solutions that will introduce and build green technology.

This is a completely innovative idea and effort that is applied and implemented for the first time in Greece including the creation of a research team of scientists who will deal with and deepen the research and implementation of the transition to green technology in shipping in Greece.

At the same time, the infrastructure will be created for its implementation and application in real conditions in a shipyard that will build boats, tugs and ships that their propulsion will be with a mild hybrid or completely electric way.The Group offers a full range of marine services based on a rich range of innovations, upgraded and highly productive vessels, while it is an economically efficient and flexible solution when it comes to particularly demanding and challenging projects.

Additionally, utilizing a fleet of multi-purpose vessels, the Group is in line with the most modern and innovative practices of the shipping community, providing reliable and complete services to the biggest shipping cpmpanies wolrdwide. Finally, the fact that the Group combines experience with state-of-theart equipment, makes it one of the most important shipping agents of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Our mission

Our vision is to create a state-of-the-art research centre for applied technology and innovation solutions with zero energy footprint. At the same time in the same area will be housed a mega ribs shipyard as well as mega yachts. Finally in our facilities we will create and build hybrid technology solutions on ships of all type.

Our team

  • Michalis Spanopoulos

    Founder & CEO

    With great motivation, having solid values as guidance to the future, the Group states as one of its main focal maxims: “We will go further...”

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