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Spanopoulos Group solutions are adapted to the challenges of the 21st century, focused on minimising emissions and securing safe and economical operations. Our extensive, market-specific portfolio spans the entire range of tug applications, including equipment for the latest hybrid and electric vessels.

Spanopoulos Salvage and its dedicated Emergency Response team have the expertise, heavy and salvage specific floating spreads and equipment required to undertake a myriad of salvage services worldwide. We execute complex ‘wet salvage’- wreck removal and ‘dry salvage’ operations.

We confront in any situation abroad such as: Emergency response to casualties, Firefighting, Collisions, Groundings, Breakdowns and vessels in distress and immobilized, as well.

We rely on our own in-house experts consisted to execute fully integrated activities, including also wastemanagement, wreck site remediation, logistics, project management and various versatile services towards a sole scope to mitigate the risks and impact in marine casualties.

It should be highlighted that, Spanopoulos Salvage has built a reputation in salvage and wreck removal field, becoming a key player in East Med spreading in global operations.

Spanopoulos Salvage has built a reputation in salvage and wreck removal field, becoming a key player in East Mediterranean. We particularly pride ourselves with our wreck removal, refloating and towage services, offered with exceptional expertise and specialized knowledge. During the past years, we successfully executed two of the largest wreck removal projects in Greece, in 2014-2015. Cases such as “Yusuf Cepnioglu” and “Goodfaith” point up the high efficiency, safety standards and level of our performance.

With an advanced integrated management system, we handle all aspects of operations, including wreck removal, safe and sustainable pollutants recovery, environmental care, port clearance and more.

We maintain a large and varied set of salvage fleet and equipment, ensuring safe and effective operations to all casualty cases.

Pursuing innovative solutions and approaches to meet our customers’ needs, we develop and execute operations tailored specifically for the demands of the projects.


Deep sea and ocean towage services are offered with a modern tug fleet ranging up to 100 tons bollard pull, permanently fitted with all necessary towing gears (main and spare) and are trading all over the world. Our fleet is capable of executing any open sea and ocean transportation to all types of tows, including drilling rigs, oil production platforms and barges, transport barges, tankers and any large floating objects over any distance to any destination.

Our tug masters, officers and crew are well trained and have a very long track record with our company. The tugs are manned 365/24 and services can be delivered round the clock and on short notice.

Spanopoulos group is an internationally recognized and highly respected organization with a commitment to the business of towage, salvage, pollution prevention and wreck removal services. We are a proud member of International Salvage Union (ISU), European Tugowners Association (ETA) and BIMCO.


For 4 consecutive years, Consortium Spanopoulos Salvage Tugs have been rendering towage, berthing – unberthing, stand by and firefighting services to the vessels calling Hellenic Petroleum Refineries (ELPE) at Elefsis and Aspropyrgos Terminals. Consortium operates eight (8) tugs on a permanent basis whilst have the advantage to cover all emergency and last minute calls by operating additional tugs, which are always readily available to serve upon request. All fleet, which is recently built, is manned with sufficient trained and experienced crew and equipped with the latest firefighting equipment applicable to regulatory requirements. 24 hours a day, seven days a week guide our operations with safety and consistency.

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