Green Transition

ProMarine innovations is the first Greek company in the fieldof shipping & yachting in the innovation of the green transition

ProMarine intends all its facilities to be as energy efficient as possible by consuming green energy and having an energy footprint close to zero. This will be achieved to a large extent by photovoltaic panels that will cover all roofs but also with other innovative energy solutions

The technology that will be developed will significantly help in upgrading the image of the provided tug services in all the ports of our country, providing green service, keeping the environment clean in areas that have significant problems of air pollution.

We will contribute with the produced equipment to the studies of all the research centers of the country with autonomous unmanned boats which with appropriate modifications can be used for defensive purposes to defend the territorial integrity of our homeland. The development of green boats and ships in the Mediterranean Sea, led by the shipyards of ProMarine and the whole group, will consequently create a huge turnover and will make our country a pioneer in southern Europe in the implementation of such projects.

The future of Shipping