ProMarine Innovation & Creative Park

Taking up project

The project will be undertaken by the newly established company Pro Marine Yachts S.A., the subcontracting by Pro Marine Shipyards and the management of the project by Pro Marine Shipmanagement & Co SA.

The above companies, all newly established, with the main shareholder and founder with long experience in the industry Mr. Michalis Spanopoulos, who remains to be one of the two equal owners of the Spanopoulos Group.

The group cooperates with the biggest companies in the world that use tugs to serve their fleet.

The Facility

ProMarine Innovation & creative Park, will be a state-of-the-art research center which, in addition to Incubator facilities and services seeking to leverage companies’ know-how, will offer specialized professional services designed to help and guide start-ups to:

  • Focus on developing know-how in innovative technologies.

  • Evaluate and secure their intellectualproperty rights

  • Gain stronger bargaining power in pursuit of their business goals.

  • Transfer and implement their technology through the production of innovative products and services

The Objective

The main objectives of the ProMarine Innovation & Creative park are: Technology transfer and commercial utilization of research results Evaluation management and commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights Entrepreneurship promotion and support Support and hosting of innovative companies Training and education of business executives

The Benefits

Well-designed innovation and R&D environments can help increase productivity and job satisfaction as well as providing a relaxed and well-equipped space to help provide the basis for creative breakthroughs. Our success in the sector has been built by focusing on the specific needs of clients and end-users and by combining cutting-edge thinking on workspace design and technology with a well-considered mix of other amenities and uses.

The future of Shipping