Our Company

Elefsis Yachting Station was established 15 years ago in Elefsis city – Thesi Κalibaki under the previous ownership by offering shipyard services to motor yachts and sailing yachts up to 50 tons. In October of 2018 Mr. Michael Spanopoulos became the new owner of the shipyard who immediately put into effect the implementation of an investment plan with main goal the yard’s modernization. Among others the new investment plan includes the purchase of a new travel lift with lifting capacity of 140T, purchase of new trailer special for the transportation of catamarans, reconstruction of the water dock and the purchase of special blocks for sailing yachts. The shipyard covers totally 16,000 square meters of land. It can accommodate approximately 100 yachts (depending on the size) from 10 up to 30 meters for short and/or long terms (wintering).

Technical Services

1. Hauling and launching with travel lift of 50T lifting capacity. Soon
there will be available a new travel lift of 140T lifting capacity for
motor yachts, sailing yachts and catamarans
2. Repairs, maintenances and Refit works
3. Hydro blasting with fresh water up to 500 bars, sand blasting
4. Hydro and Sand blasting and sponge blasting equipment
5. Sand blasting, Hydro and Sand blasting and sponge blasting equipment
6. Scaffolding for better protection of the yacht from weather and
environmental conditions with thermostatic nylon
7. Repairs and maintenances of Main Engines and outboard motors
8. Electrical Works
9. Repairs and maintenances of masts and rigging
10. Polishing Hull, Superstructure and stainless steel accessories
11. GRP and Gel Coat repairs
12. Repairs – Replacement in fabrics and leathers
13. Repairs of inflatable balloons

Extra Services

1. Supply of fresh water
2. Supply of shore power
3. Storage areas for yacht’s accessories and furniture
4. Lifting equipment
5. Purchasing department for spare parts at the best market prices
6. Short and/or long term parking (wintering)

The future of Shipping